Custom Color Dot Art!


Would you like your very own custom Twenty Seven color dot piece? For a limited time only - you can order one of your own!

Here's how to order:

1. Add this to your cart and proceed to checkout

2. After your order has processed, copy and paste the template below and fill in your own info. Send this to and wait two weeks for your very own color dot art!

Important details to note:

- Your file will be sent in the highest quality, sized 8x10" (perfect for framing) to the email you send the template from

- Unfortunately, because of the high quantity of orders coming in, we are not able to redo or reedit any of the orders without an additional charge - please make sure you are clear and concise and spell everything correctly in the template below

* This artwork CANNOT be used in any capacity other than personal use. It cannot be resold, used for business branding, mass produced, or changed or altered in any way. This is purely for personal use. If posted online, please credit Twenty Seven for its creation. If the art file is used for profit or resold, legal action will be pursued. If you would like coloring for your branding or would like to license artwork - you can send us an email at


Here is the template to copy & paste in your email and send over to us immediately after your order!


Order number: 

Would you like a title for the piece written on the top?

(Ex: Connor & Jenna est. 2015, Elijah Grey O'Brien born July 4th, 2030, 413 W Green Street)


Color dot 1 color idea: (ex: purple with a hint of blue)

Color dot 1 description: (ex: baby blanket snuggles)

Color dot 2 color idea:

Color dot 2 description:

Color dot 3 color idea:

Color dot 3 description:

Color dot 4 color idea:

Color dot 4 description:

Color dot 5 color idea:

Color dot 5 description:

Color dot 6 color idea:

Color dot 6 description:

Color dot 7 color idea:

Color dot 7 description:

Color dot 8 color idea:

Color dot 8 description:

Color dot 9 color idea:

Color dot 9 description:

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